Take notes! Here are some of mine.

August 14, 2017



I always take notes while I travel. Write down anything funny, interesting, weird, or just something you want to remember. It's a lot of fun to go back through your notes when you get home. Here are some of my notes! Some are pretty funny 😂


Ben almost throws up in cab
Dustin got locked in bathroom
Buy a beer for 16 year old fail
Everyone was young in london
Ben got in wrong side uber
Leo clenching feet
English breakfast with Ben
Smoking weed at the bar with leo
Cigs with weird pics
One key to rooms in London
Bars close early in London
Uber driver didn't say a word Berlin
Breaking and entering in Berlin
Anne frank room
Dustin gets on top on Statues
Wedding honks
Buying pills on the street
Getting caught at abandon building
Drunk man asks me to buy him beer
Leo broke a bottle at Berlin Wall
Easter morning surprise
Huge beer tap at bar
Bird poops in subway
Fire club
Concentration camp Ben casualties
Ben gets too drunk Stockholm
Glass breaking in club
Meeting girls at club with translator
Music just stops at club
I am so Horny right now
Crazy guy at mcdonalds
Leo dead fish under beds
Laughing at Galway bar dead fish
"Don't get so fucking drunk"
Best friend spill
Young wrong tits
Kicked out of club with girls
Hmm? Dustin snores
Gay guy at club
Dustin falling after club
Você é um lindo! :)
Saved a girl in the middle of the street
Ben ironing
Meeting fabi
Girl throwing up on leo
Leo caught funion
"It's so hard to sell"
Smoking room at airport
Leo farting in bathroom. We all laugh Josh tinder
Oldest bar in Dublin
Leo serious about holding hands
Muslim joke
Homeless lady wearing my hoodie
We had a house party
Told girl Dustin wanted her to leave
Ben and I got cut off at club
Ghost walk
Dicey club
Scaring fabi
Pokémon "like a kid"
Blowing in nose
Ben "I don't have food, I'm going to Bed" He had food 😂
Sex bell in bar
Kfc too high
Girl filming me in store too high
So loud all night at hostel
Church bells
Aforeignerabroad girl
Very expensive in Iceland
Dancing with Fat girls
Drinking water sound
Tylenol shot
Tomatoes soup kiss
$20 White Russian
Security check
Random security check


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