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June 13, 2017


I love They have every hotel in existence, you can filter by area, price, or rating, and their rewards program is amazing. If I'm not using Airbnb, I'm using 100%


Step one, go to Input your city and dates and pull up the list of hotels. First I filter by area, it is important to stay close to the city center most of the time. Pull up all hotels that you like based on price and location. Second, filter by rating. Out of the hotels you have chosen now go through and look at ratings and reviews. This always helps me make my decision. 


If you stay 10 nights using you get a night free. This is huge! I have had over $300 in free rooms just because I travel a lot. Sign up for the rewards! Click the link below to book and start planning your adventure right now!


Click here to book today! 


Here are some of the beautiful hotels I have stayed at. 





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