Once I saved a drunk girl passed out in the middle of the road in Dublin, Ireland.

So one night I was ubering home after a long night of partying in Temple Bar. I look out the window and see a girl sleeping in the road up ahead the uber driver to stop so I can check and see if she is alright. The driver responded with “No, she is fine”. I was like no! Stop the car.

So he stops the car, I get out, and he just drives off. I walk over to the girl and try and wake her up. She wakes up, obviously very drunk, and starts crying haha I pull out my phone, start recording a video, and put it back in my pocket. Below is a little bit of the audio from this night. I wanted to get her home safely, while also having proof in my pocket that I was just trying to help if the cops saw me with the wasted girl.

So as we are walking down the street in Dublin she is crying, dropping her phone over and over, and offering me money. She even tried to jump in front of a car yelling “I want to die” Once she finally told me where she lived I walked her there, got her to her room, and then left her there and went home. After I left I was just like “WTF, I love this city” haha

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