I played a concert in Rome at some bar, blacked out, and out of nowhere.

Rome is seriously one of my favorite cities for like 100 reasons. One night I was bar hopping with a friend and we ended up at this one bar. We were already really drunk, but wanted one more drink before heading back to our room.

While we were ordering our beers we asked the bartender what band was playing on the stage and he said they were having an “Open band night” where anyone can walk up on stage and play either there drums, guitar, or sing in their microphone.

Well I play drums and my friend plays guitar. There was this girl singing on stage and once she got off we asked if we could like form a band and make up a song together. She was down! So we took a shot and went upstage. We just made up a song on the spot, wasted, at a bar in Italy hahaha Here is a picture of the stage we played on

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