Broke into an abandon building in Germany and got caught!

One night after way too much drinking my two friends and I decided to just wander around Berlin. We stumble up to this abandoned building, with a hole in the fence. Well being drunk and stupid we decided to go inside and explore.

We wandered around the halls for a while just checking the place out, below is a video. After a while we come to some stairs and start to walk up. When we get to the top of the stairs we see a guy just sitting there on his phone. So we ran!

After going from room to room for a while we walk pass this hallway. At the end of the hallway there is another man walking towards us. We are running even faster now. We get to a dead end! We had to turn around and walk right past that same hallway, terrifying!

We eventually come to this one large room and it was too late. There were two guys right there, one with a bat, yelling at us in German. We do not speak any German. One friend just takes off running, and eventually gets away. But my other friend and I just stood there apologizing to these guys ( I think construction guys) while they yell at us. They kept saying “Polizia” which was really scary, but eventually let us to the door and we left. We made it!

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